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Our Story

Softnet integrated is a conglomerate of subsidiaries of smaller firms but with an obvious bias for Management Information Systems, technology and creativity.
Also in our profile is planned and contractual management of corporate sites, email service, security, computer and networks.

Our private and corporate training in computer appreciation, operation and specialists courses will meet your need for a well computerized operation. This training programme also covers web development, programming in java,html, networking:LAN(ethernet and Wi-Fi), MAN and WAN(VSAT, Wi-MAX, Optic Fibre).

  • Web/App Development 80% 80%
  • Computer and network Administration 70% 70%
  • Solar Electric Power Systems 60% 60%
  • Training 77% 77%
  • Customer Satisfaction 90% 90%

The online training and tutorials materials will soon be available on our portal. Software products like programmed and interactive tutors in java programming, Html, Adobe Creative Suites are available to our clients.
For our professional clients and interested members, we intend to continually provide tech news and tweaks in a rapidly growing ICT global industry. These updates can also be received through our regular newsletter and RSS feeds .
Our team of experts will be available to ensure your needs are provided with the required solutions as much as possible. As we grow, we would fully diversify in professionalism with each section having their own platform and management. This we hope to achieve with your support and gradual but steady growth.
We have a caring, capable and responsive customer support for all your queries. You are welcome!

Forward Thinking

Always researching and developing Solution to meet the needs of clients

Problem Solving

Listen and implement viable Solution to Challenges 

Customer Support

Our Customer Service Representatives are always ready to respond to our clients’ complain and resolve them promptly

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