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The following three questions will normally bring the need for training an individual or an organization:
1. What difference will this training make to the individual/organisation?
2. What do we want to get out of it (as an individual and organisation)?
3. What impact will this make on our services?

Of the numerous benefits of ICT training, the following are the most prominent:
1. Trained staff or individual are happier and better self worth and confidence

2. More productivity: overall services delivery is improved
3. Work better as a team
4. Enable organization to be more effective
5. Increase overall output

The training arm of Softnet Integrated has packaged the whole the following training programs for our esteemed clients:

A. Computer appreciation and introduction
2. Microsoft Office Intermidiate courses including-
i. MS Word ii. MS Excel iii. MS Power Point iv. MS Access
3. Internet training

B. Graphics and Web Design
1. Adobe CS6 Photoshop Essentials
2. Adobe CS6 Illustrator
3. Adobe Lightroom
4. Adobe After Effects and Flash Professional
5. Adobe Dreamweaver
6. HTML Essentials
8. CSS Essentials
9. Essentials of Drupal
10. WordPress Essentials


C. PC maintenance and Engineering
1. Operating System Technology
2. Computer Hardware Technology
3. Latop/MACBOOK/Tablet maintenance technologies

D. Programming

  1. C language
  2. Java
  3. C#

Including the web development languages menioned earlier: HTML,CSS, PHP.

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